The International Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2018 Unicornis Booth

CES Las Vegas 2018 has come to an end, and we are getting back to our daily lives. It has been very busy, but also an amazing experience as a first time exhibitor for us.

We think it is great that there was so much focus on VR and 360° cameras. It was also a relief for us to see that we were still ahead with our built in stitching engine. We appreciate all the feedback received, and are glad to see the interest in Unicornis360. It was especially interesting to talk with visitors who didn't know much about 360° cameras, but saw how easy it was to use our camera and could see a potential usage for their own businesses, eg. conferences, transportation and home security.

We want to thank everybody who came visiting us, spent time chatting with us and gave us new insights and ideas.

CES 2018 Unicornis Booth01 CES 2018 Unicornis Booth02 CES 2018 Unicornis Booth03 CES Las Vegas 2018 Unicornis04

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