Bullet Time Camera

Bullet time is a method used where multiple cameras take pictures from different angles at the same time and capture a 360-degrees video of the object in the centre.

Ever tried to setup a bullet time system to capture the "Matrix effect"? Then you would know how time consuming it is, and how tedious it is if you want to change the angle of the cameras. However, with our bullet time system, you won't have any problems you experienced anymore. Comparing to the traditional setup, it costs much less and reduces pre- and post-production workload.


Traditional Bullet Time Camera

Unicornis Bullet Time Camera

Cost High Low ✔
Setup Hard Easy and standardized ✔
Mechanism Technician put together different images after shooting Settings to automize the outcome ✔
Instant Preview No video preview Instant preview ✔
Customization No customization before render Support 3D object insertion (AR) ✔
Cloud Support Not available Support instant cloud backup and social media sharing ✔
Post-production Highly rely on a technician Tailor-made control panel ✔


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